Olson Signs was started in the state line area in 1974 by Tom Olson who painted signs by hand and was pin striping vehicles long before establishing a business name. The business was first opened up on Dearborn Ave (Hwy 251) and later, when Tom fell in love and married Sara, the business moved to Eastern Avenue in South Beloit. There the business survived by completing small real estate signs, vehicle lettering and other small signs for over 30 years. However, a small wood burning stove on a cold spring day in April 2009 got out of control and consumed the business.   


Jeff Olson Hand Painting in 1991.


Shop fire that consumed Olson Signs on Eastern Ave in 2009.


Despite this loss, the Olson family pulled together and established the business at a new and their present location, 601 Gardner Street in South Beloit. With the help of the Olson family, the business has grown from doing small signs to some of the largest signs in the area.  

Olson Signs has grown from manual hand painted signs, to state-of-the-art digitally printed and LED illuminated signs. Our expertise in sign manufacturing, our attention to detail and commitment to quality makes us a leader in the state line for signs, banners, yard signs, illuminated signs, and vehicle wraps.

The next time you are looking for a sign, a new logo to brand your business or just some business cards to give your customers that ever so important first impression, give Olson Signs a call or stop by and talk to their friendly staff and let them work with you on the vision of your company.


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