Yard Signs

When making a yard sign purchase, consider buying in bulk. The cost per sign is much less and yard signs left in yards could last months or days.   We offer four differnent types of yard signs, vinyl, digitally printed, Screen Printed and fold over polyboard.

Vinyl Yard Signs are produced using cut vinyl from a plotter that is applied to 4mm corrugated plastic.   There is no cost difference with this item as the same amount of material and time is used to make each sign.

Digitally Printed Yard Signs are produced by running a sheet of 4mm corrugated plastic through a large format flat bed printer.   This process does have some savings when ordering in bulk.

Screen Printed Yard Signs are procuded using a screen and ink.   It is the most common product for large orders of political and business yard signs.

Foldover Polyboard Signs are printed on 24pt cardboard polyethylene coated on both sides.   This is our most economical short term yard sign.




Wire Stakes
QTY Small Tall Heavy Duty
1 $0.75 $1.50 $4.00
50 $0.65 $1.25 $3.75
100 $0.50 $1.00